Kunshan Bonded Warehouse
Kunshan Comprehensive Bonded Logistics Park, located at the central position of Eastern China, is close to Wujiang, Wuxi, Ningbo and Shanghai, and it is a place where Taiwan and foreign enterprises are gathered. In 2008, it accelerated the expansion of bonded logistics functions, including the electronic products important parts supply and distribution center, the international procurement and distribution center (divided into the imported products domestic sale distribution center and the domestic product purchase and export distribution center), the foreign display and exhibition products distribution center and the after-sales service center. Besides, it has multiple custom policies and preferences, so it is the best choice to set up the logistics bonded warehouse in Eastern China. China Link Transportation has set up a warehouse logistics company in the park, and provides the equipment, management, software and policies of the bonded logistics warehouse and assists manufacturers' cargo storage, transportation, customs clearance and import and export in Eastern China.

Convenient Geographical Position
  • AviationShanghai Hongqiao Airport (45 kilometers away) and Shanghai Pudong International Airport (100 kilometers away)
  • PortShanghai Port (China's largest port 60 kilometers away), Zhangjiagang (100 kilometers away), Taicang Liujiagang (35 kilometers away). Cargos reaching the above ports via the waterways in the area can be exported directly.
  • High-speed railKunshan High-Speed Rail South Station (7.5 kilometers away), it only takes 23 minutes to Shanghai downtown by high-speed rail.
  • HighwayThe highway network is complete in the area, including Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, the airport road and the 312 National Road passing through the development area.
Professional Hardware Equipment
  • Professional warehouseBonded warehouse: 10000 m2; container special passageway
  • Goods shelf storage areaThe temperature of 25°C and 75% humidity are most suitable for storing electronic materials.
  • Fire fighting systemMultiple equipment including the fire alarm forecasting system, automatic spray and liquid fire extinguisher.
  • Safety systemDigital monitoring system, electronic monitoring and safe detecting gate.
  • Storage deviceEquipped with advanced logistics storage and handling equipment.
Bonded warehousing, international logistics distribution, simple processing and value-added services, import and export trade, and transit trade port function.
Hong Kong Logistics Warehouse

China Link Transportation's warehouse is located in Changshawan Yuen Fat Port Warehouse. As the section is connected with the Hong Kong Freight Hub Trunk Line, so it is convenient in and out. It only takes 10-15 minutes from the warehouse to the sea terminal and only 25-35 minutes to Hong Kong International Airport, very convenient to pick up goods/enter the warehouse in the airport or dock. The warehouse has a perfect security system. Yuen Fat Wharf has ISO9001 certification. In addition to 24-hour security personnel, it also has advanced monitoring system, and even the evidence of Hong Kong Customs is kept in the warehouse of Yuen Fat Wharf. The warehouse of the company also has the CCTV security monitoring system to monitor all situations in the warehouse around the clock to ensure the absolute security of goods.

The company invested heavily in leading in Helios JIT- eSCM warehousing management information system in Hong Kong and Chinese warehouses, to provide online connection with your existing warehousing system and extend your warehousing location to the client base to save transportation cost and time. Helios JIT- eSCM warehousing management information system enables customers to link with the warehouse system of the company on the internet for 24 hours, and customers can look up warehouse inventory and issue goods instruction in and out of the warehouse in the system. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you get online and log in the system, you can clearly see the details of goods in the warehouse.

The warehouse occupies an area of 50,000 square feet, 4.95 meters high. There are nearly 100 employees, exclusive loading and unloading platform, and 3-5 ton exclusive elevators, and it can contain 3 container trucks to load and unload goods at the same time.

There are Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong motor fleets. The vehicles are equipped with the GPS system for customers to track cargos at any time. There are also fixed cooperative transport companies to fill up the transportation capacity and set up the dense transport network in and out of the mainland.
The logistics warehouse passed the ISO9001 certification, and the warehouse is equipped with the ventilation firefighting equipment, internal and external communication systems, closed circuit television, antitheft facilities, etc, to ensure the safety of customers' goods. It is an A-level warehouse recognized by Hong Kong Federation of Insurers. It covered the liability insurance in ACE Insurance, covering sea and air transportation, warehousing and ground transportation. By virtue of fast delivery and high safety assurance, China Link Transportation is deeply recognized by domestic and foreign famous enterprises and designated as their long-term partner.