Global Sea And Air Import And Export Transportation And Customs Clearance

China Link Transportation is specialized in international freight forwarding agency business and has customs clearance agents around the world to provide professional air and sea transportation import and export services for domestic and foreign customers, including space booking, customs clearance, customs inspection, transportation, warehousing and related business consulting.

Asian and American points are also the main service scope of China Link Transportation, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia and US, in which China Link Transportation can provide quality services and competitive prices. China Link Transportation is your trusted long-term partner.

Sea, Land And Air Combined Transport Service In Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Chinese Mainland
China Link Transportation is specialized in transportation from Shanghai to Taiwan and Hong Kong and from Hong Kong back to Southern China. In addition to the advantages in fixed flight, price and shipping space, it can coordinate according to the designated requirements of specific customers. At the same time, China Link Transportation appointed Taiwanese cadres in the local area to manage and arrange cargo operation with more detailed operation procedure. You can rest assured in timeliness, price and security. China Link Transportation is the best partner for Chinese mainland manufacturers and Taiwan businessmen to arrange cargos in and out of Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.


The Third-Party Logistics Bonded Warehousing Service In Eastern China

China Link Transportation provides the equipment, management, software and policies of the logistics bonded warehouse in Kunshan, and assists manufacturers' cargo storage, transportation, customs clearance and import and export in Eastern China, as well as related service projects.

Third-Party Logistics Delivery Center In Hong Kong And Southern China

Hong Kong enjoys favorable geographical position, and it only takes 6-8 hours in and out of Shenzhen and Dongguan. Besides, it boasts dense flights to and from Chinese mainland cities and places around the world, high trade freedom, and many advantageous conditions of establishing logistics centers. China Link Transportation Hong Kong is one of a few professional Taiwan-funded enterprises that can provide total solution complete delivery center services.


The company has self-owned Chinese mainland and Hong Kong vehicles and fixed coordinating transportation companies to fill in the transportation capacity. All vehicles run on expressways, with GPS satellite navigation tracking the whole course. Therefore, China Link Transportation is obviously superior to rivals in delivery accuracy, maneuverability, security and punctuality rate.